Tips To Improve Your Landscape Photography Skills

Tips To Improve Your Landscape Photography Skills

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1. Preparation

Before starting a landscape photography activity or trip you need to do an extensive research to acquire as much information as possible about the location and its actual landscape, the weather, travel conditions, the perfect time for capturing images, know where the sun rises and sets, etc. Make sure your camera and photography gearsĀ are clean and ready for the trip. Do not forget to recharge that battery.




2. Technique

Educate yourself on the basic concepts of composition such as the rule of thirds, leading lines, s-curves, patterns, use of scale, etc. Learn about exposure compensation between ISO, shutter speed and aperture. Maximize your depth of field to ensure the entire image is well-focused. Then, study and apply advance techniques such as multiple exposure blending, focus stacking etc. Every photographer has his own workflow, for you to be able to master your own, you must practice a lot. No workflows are exactly alike. You will create your own by exploring and finding what is most comfortable for you, but remember to keep evolving too.



3. Be ready for surprises

Shooting landscapes can be a challenge when nature decides to give you a surprise, so you have to be able to adapt rather quickly. You can scout the area well in advance so that you are already aware about all the whens, whats and hows.




4. Learn From The Pros

Be it any field, you always need to be open to learning new things. Explore works of famous photographers and fellow artists to learn about the basics as well as advanced skills of composition.


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