What does it mean to be ‘A Photographer’!

In General

Photography takes an instant out of time altering life by holding it still.                                                                                                                                    – Dorothes Lange

Being a photographer like any other job is a tough one. You need to choose the correct angle, portray the correct mood with obvious accompaniment to the perfect combination of the triangle -ISO, Shutter Speed and aperture. But whenever I am asked about this job being difficult, my answer ends only in five letters – NEVER.

Besides passion and urge, a photographer needs to feel about its given content. A photographer possesses the capability of converting an inanimate object into a lively one, an ugly object into beautiful one, inconspicuous into an attractive and important one. Photographer not only deal with setting of the camera, he is like an artist who brings colour to a dull scene, a singer who converts a noise into melody, a dancer who makes an immovable thing swing with jolly.

Here are few things a photographer has to keep in mind:

You can always become a photographer by knowing correct techniques, rather most of us ARE photographers having clicked photograph at least once, but to be a successful photographer, one needs to keep in mind is the composition- and that is what makes you different from the others. You need to have your unique perspective which would be expressing your opinion and belief upon your subject.

A photographer possesses a great challenge cause with numerous pictures being taken of his subject of photography for example let us take Niagara Falls, the tendency of a successful photographer would be to shift their focus from the typical scene being clicked to the people upon the fall swimming maybe. Hence one needs to spin a story out of their photography, the story being very original and different from the other in order to be noticed.

A photographer has to deal with the emotional facts of life which also does show them the beauty hidden in the daily life. They showcase the beauty of the other person, they connect through the process and hence they feel the essence of the person. According to me being a photographer is a great job where you get to feel the other person, get to come closer to each other, interact with them leaving apart the language or cultural barrier in between. This job also holds the capability to bend the reality, letting you think the reason behind a picture or also holds the power to turn someone’s pessimistic approach to an optimistic one.

Hence being a photographer, one needs to use their heart more than their brain. Its like the practical of the subject which fetches you more than your theory. Photography holds importance cause its the image of the person or a moment which it preserves even after massive change takes place. The minute details, the minor things may not bring you a large amount of money initially, but the love for the subject, the pleasure you get as you shoot is what becomes the love of your life. Going back to the very starting of the essay, if you really work on what you like, no job will seem tough and it will be all smooth, easy and filled with joy.


The picture that you took with your camera is the imagination you want to create with reality.                                                                             -Scott Lorenzo

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