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“A Camera is a SAVE button for the mind’s Eye.”

– Rogu Kingston

And if not a classy DSLR, each one of you reading this do at least posses a simple smart phone with a primary camera. So, why to use it? Is is just for being the centre of attraction in your group?  Whom the whole gang follows, just for new display pictures at every event? Or, is there something more to it? Let’s explore.


That’s where it all begins. PASSION. Do you see beauty in every single detail around and wish to capture those in any art or form? Yes. You are a born Photographer. Be it from the dew drop resting on the edge of a grass to the thin layer of dust settled on your laptop screen. If you wish to zoom in the miniatures and zoom out the macrocosm in and around life, all you need is to pick up a Camera and just start off.


The very next cliched event that follows, leaves you with a feeling of PRIDE. Be it at the reunions, reliving memories or at the road trips, capturing moments! You’re the ONLY one in your group, who’ll be remembered and asked for. After all the responsibility is on you now! At times you are overrated and at others you feel irritated for not getting time to enjoy yourself. But, does that really work? Who even bothers how you feel? Because you are just expected to click them!




But what’s beyond that?

  • Living Every Moment.

You seem to live on the edge and you are aware about each and every passing moment, feeling each breath of air you let go. You tend to observe the slightest of changes around. You tend to find out beauty in the ugliest of things. You can turn flops into masterpieces using that weapon you posses – The Camera.

  • Urge To Travel.

As an after effect of developing your passion for photography, you will indulge into travelling a lot, to quench your thirst for better compositions. Moreover, if you have a platform to showcase your work to the world, be it through a facebook post or a personalised  Blog, you will have the urge to continuously improve on your work. This will lead you to the most bizarre places you could never have imagined existed and will be a new experience altogether!

  • Make and Freeze.

Every moment in life leaves something to cling on to and that we name as MEMORY. In case you’re holding that camera, you not only make memories but also freeze them forever! You are responsible of capturing each fleeting moment with care and compassion with a tinge of skill mixed!

  • Explore.

In capturing the incredible view at the best angle, you’ll go crazy and get into weird acts like crawling in the dusty road, walking into the water, half-drenched, hanging from the tree and every strange pose possible to visualise and in the way, end up exploring something new, be it place or hobby!



  • You See as the Lens Sees.

The transformation is incredible! You tend to find symmetry, textures and effects in everything you see around and unlike another ordinary man, you seem to capture the view with your eyes first, before you work your lens on it. You seem to look into the world as a lens sees it.


  • Best Pastime.

Photography has the power to transcend you to places in the bat of an eyelid. You seem to forget your problems and concentrate in something deep in the fraction of a second. Since ages, photography has always given the photographer without asking for anything in return!

  • Creative Escape.

If you seem to have a busy schedule and cannot involve into anything creative then this is your easiest escape. You can continue your creativity on the way to and from work and also during work! It not only gives you a space of your own in the global world you work in but also helps you pour out your creativity into something surreal.

  • The World sees As you See.

It’s not just how you see the world. When you showcase your pictures, the world sees an event or a place from your perspective. It’s not about making your creativity famous, it’s about upholding your perspective to the rest of the world and convincing the viewer to look at things from your perspective!

  • Introspection.

Once you’re on the track and you’re known for your skill, it’s time to improve. This is the most challenging phase. It’s time to introspect, analyse your mistakes, move on and get better with whatever you’re up to. For example, the day 1 you hold a DSLR and stand in a dark room to shoot an event, all alone. All the settings are on you. There’s no one to help you out. All you need is permutations and combinations. These permutations and combinations end up either into something creative or at times in a disaster! So, you stop, learn and move on for a better tomorrow! Thus, this is one passion, that makes your more flexible towards changes and thus, helps you grow as a person taking into account every sphere of life!

  • Speech of Expression.

It’s not always about showing the world an event or incident through your perspective. It’s also about silently expressing yourself! Your pictures will speak every unsaid emotion that you had kept hidden! Your line of photography will help you to express yourself in a form of art and thus, help you get rid of your thoughts kept latent inside! The perspective with which you see the world will show your way of thinking and feeling for certain things and this is especially helpful for introverts!

  • An Author in Stills.

An author writes a story. An artist draws a story! You have the gift of carving out a story through your stills! You’re the strongest of them all! You write and paint together!

  • Two-in-One.

Any other fascination you’ve nurtured apart from photography? Get to encounter both in one line! Are you a music freak? Get to shoot musicians and know the working of the industry. Are you a theatre lover? Watch a play and shoot it simultaneously!

  • Anywhere. Anytime.

You do not need any massive equipment to carry or have any high end talent. Just go out with your camera at any time and anywhere and just shoot! That’s all you need to do! After all:


“There are no rules for good photographs.

There are only good photographs!”

– Ansel Adams.



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