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Black and white photography offers a unique perspective on many subjects. Removing colour brings out the hidden details, textures, and shapes. Let us see how well you can play with the shades of grey in this photo contest.


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How Paid Contests Work ?

1. Entrants must pay an entry fee to participate in the photo contests.

2. A prize pool is maintained for each contest. Whenever a new entrant participates in the contest, 50% of the entry fee is added to the prize pool. Thus, increasing the prize pool till the competition ends.

3. Payment can be done by Credit Card, Debit Card, Internet banking or other e-wallets.

4. At the end of the contest, the prize pool is divided into 3 parts (45%, 35% & 20%). The first prize becomes 45% of the pool, the second becomes 35% of the pool & the third becomes 20% of the pool.

5. The aforesaid divided prize pool is given away to the winners as Amazon Gift Vouchers.

6. Entrants may submit any number of entries. The entry fee is charged only once per contest.