Long Exposure | FocusFixed

Any suggestions for long exposure photography?

  • Tip1: Ensure that the legs of your tripod are stood on firm ground, the centre column is not extended and the strap is secured so not to catch the wind.
    Tip2: Choose the right conditions. Ideal conditions for long exposure photography are when there is dappled cloud and a strong wind. If there are no clouds, or no wind, there will be nothing to add movement.
  • Tips3: Even at low ISO, super long exposures can introduce noise in the form of hot pixels. You may not be able to see these when viewing the results on the LCD screen of your camera, but when viewed at 100 % on your computer monitor, An effective way to remove them is to take an exposure of identical length, at the same ISO, with the lens cap on. You will generate an entirely black image, with the same hot pixels, to subtract away from your chosen image during post-processing.