A Charming And Classic Iew Of ‘India Gate'

A charming and classic iew of ‘India Gate'

India Gate’ is the patriotic pilgrimage of Indian soldiers who died in the ‘Second World War‘ in France under ‘British Indian Army’. It is a war memorial established under British rule and later-on introduced as a central monument for ‘Amar Jawan Jyoti’ (Immortal Soldier Flame) in respect of the entire martyrs so far. More than 13,000 martyr names have been depicted on the walls of ‘India Gate’ which is clearly visible and can be read being near to it. Being at ‘India Gate’ is itself a kind of patriotism feeling and a kind of respect for our great soldiers who sacrificed their lives for our Today. Flames of ‘Amar Jawan Jyoti’ are kept flaming 24*7 giving a kind of respect to the soldiers that they are alive in our hearts. Indian Flag and defence (Army, Navy, Airforce) flags continuously wave above the ‘Amar Jawan Jyoti’ platform. India Gate has mighty appearance which goes golden under yellow flood lights during night. It is located on the eastern end of ‘Rajpath’, western end has ‘Rashtrapati Bhawan’. The location of ‘India Gate’ is really amazing because it is surrounded by a huge circle roadway surrounding government monuments like museums, parks, Major Dhyanchand Hockey Stadium etc.

India Gate Beautiful Colors Lines

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