Conversation With Taj

Conversation with Taj

She watches the Taj with a look of awe. You can catch her staring, mesmerized by the movement of the sun. She skims her saree gently with her hand, feeling the magnetic pull and connecting body to the sunrise. You can see her take a deep breath. You see she feels good and you recognize you do, too. She knows her time while dancing is medicine, a grand balancing technique from the ancients. She recognizes it as a gift of life and continues to pay it forward. She flows from shadow to light with the same appreciation for others as she feels for the sun. The next time you see her in the dancing may her dance fill you with joy too.


  • Device:  NIKON D5300
  • Focal Length:  180/10
  • ISO:  100
  • Shutter Speed:  1/80
  • F Number:  35/10

Nature Taj Girl Indian Sunrise Ethnic Dance Beautiful

Harshit Doshi
Submitted under April Best Shots
Category: Buildings/Landmarks