'Diving Is A Leap Of Faith Plus Gravity.' ~Gabrielle Zevin.

'Diving is a leap of faith plus gravity.' ~Gabrielle Zevin.

Diving is a leap of faith plus gravity. ~Gabrielle Zevin. Fearlessly leaping into the fresh waters of the river Godavari here's- 'Yogesh', the faithfully entertaining diver. "Just hoping that next year the river's water level will be higher so there's more of entertainment and challenges!", said the tanned, brown skinned, ripped muscled beauty. Hailing from Nasik (Maharashtra, India), practicing diving near the Someshwar Waterfalls since childhood, he and his fellow childhood buddies and divers have followed the tradition of entertaining the tourists with their life-threatening yet graceful and amazing dives. Be it from the river bed or the rocky cliffs. This is real adventure, in nature.

  • Device:  Canon EOS 750D
  • Focal Length:  55/1
  • ISO:  250
  • Shutter Speed:  15/10000
  • F Number:  40000/10000

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