I was walking in roads and path to search some simple and truth reality of our society after a couple of moments i reached on high qualified society area. Where a car was going in which a person inside the car and smoking the cigarette and when he did it, he throw out the burning cigarettes.After this shitty scene i walked up beyond and try to searching something interesting and i reached on this place, where a cycle stand on a garbage place. Simply, this is the truth of today's society where if you are not workable then you throw out in dustbin.


  • Device:  NIKON D5300
  • Focal Length:  50/1
  • ISO:  800
  • Shutter Speed:  1/80
  • F Number:  8/1

Shattered Mesmerised Cycle Old Serene

Arahan Raichand
Submitted under June Best Shots
Category: Arts