Sunrise On Ghat Of Varanasi At Ganges.

Sunrise on ghat of Varanasi at Ganges.

Ghats in Varanasi (a city older than history) are riverfront steps leading to the banks of the River Ganges. The city has 88 ghats. Most of the ghats are bathing and Puja ceremony ghats, while two ghats are used exclusively as cremation sites. I was on Photowalk, i managed my tripod to take this shot with ND 1000, i took this shot on the top most step of a stair leading towards sunrise at Ganges.

  • Device:  Canon EOS 60D
  • Focal Length:  18/1
  • ISO:  100
  • Shutter Speed:  1/25
  • F Number:  22/1

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Mohnish Kr Kharwar
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