The Old Tree With Shrivelled Branches, Dried Leaves Waiting For His Last Days,what Is More Worse Than Watching His Own Body Parts Falling Apart One By One Day After Day And So The Old Tree Waits For His Last Day

The old tree with shrivelled branches, dried leaves waiting for his last days,what is more worse than watching his own body parts falling apart one by one day after day and so the old tree waits for his last day

How tough a life of leprosy patient goes is unimaginable. In there difficult time there is nobody there to support them expect the people who live with them during the therapy. What they want in there life is simple a happniess,love from there close one.


  • Device:  ONEPLUS A6000
  • Focal Length:  4250/1000
  • ISO:  100
  • Shutter Speed:  1/140
  • F Number:  17/10

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Shubham Verma
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