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The Predator

The predator

Foggy morning and cold atmosphere as we entered the Backwater zone of Nagarahole national Park, Kabini. We drove for about 30 minutes with no sign of cats in the national park. We decided to wait near a heard of deers and after a while we noticed the change in the behavior of the deers as they began to look towards one direction and started giving alarm calls. We were sure that there's something big walking behind the bushes. Just after a minute this huge male tiger walks out from the bushes showing us all his glory and strength. The sunlight shining through the trees made him look more handsome in the early morning foggy atmosphere.

  • Device:  NIKON D750
  • Focal Length:  600/1
  • ISO:  1600
  • Shutter Speed:  1/4000
  • F Number:  63/10

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Anush Nagaraj
Submitted under April Best Shots
Category: Animals/Wildlife